Catering F.A.Q.

When can you cater?

Any day really. Sometimes Monday is weird for both of us, but we'll deal, right? Advanced notice is need for any events that land near major holidays, really major holidays and some minor holidays.

What hours do you cater?

It's your party, you tell us. We've started as early as 10am and as late as 2:30am, so yeah.

Does KoKyu cater weddings? Other special events? 

Absolutely, KoKyu brings the KoKyu truck experience to all sorts of events.

We cater for Studios, Film or Music Festivals, Birthdays, Meetings, Weddings, Churches or any other Special Event.

How much is KoKyu's service charge? Should I pay an additional gratuity?

Service charges are typically 10%-20% for catered events. We neither require nor demand gratuity, it's completely up to you.  

Does KoKyu require a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum events start at ~$1250

Whats on the truck menu?

Our truck menus vary greatly based on seasonality, availability and the chef's whim. Our standard menus are designed to accommodate all tastes, and we are happy to adjust to your needs.

We are able to custom tailor your menu with particular dietary restrictions such as allergies, vegetarianism or gluten intolerance.

If you have some favorites that you tried at other events please let us know and we can try to make it happen depending on seasonality and availability. 

What is the travel fee for?

The travel fee makes it possible for us to provide (labor & utilities) service to your area. There generally is no travel fee. If there is unusual obstacles that may require extra machinery, labor or utilities we may charge a travel fee. We will quote any travel fee along with your initial quote. We usually try to scope out our situation well in advance so we can quote accordingly. Please give us as many details as you can in the Parking Situation section of the event request form.

Examples include:

  •         Street parking
  •         Low bridges
  •         High bridges
  •         Medium sized bridges
  •         Jeff Bridges
  •         Low trees
  •         Shrubbery in general
  •         Grass parking
  •     Stuffiness
  •         Hills
  •         Inclines
  •     Profound inclinations
  •         Declines
  •         Dogs that hate food trucks
  •         Dogs that love food trucks
  •     Generator requirements  
  •     Degenerates
  •        Kids with too many questions
  •        Noise ordinances
  •         Clearance of sacred tree roots
  •        Clearance to sacred tree routes
  •         etc.

How far in advance should I book a KoKyu  event?

We cannot guarantee that any time slot is open until we confirm with you. We book many events up to a year in advance. The sooner you contact us the better your chance.  If you have a last minute request, please contact us at (919)699-4667 after submitting your request. We will work every angle to help make it happen.

When is the total due?

Depending on the event, this could be before the start of the event, or at the culmination. We will confirm either way through email.

I have filled out the Catering Request Form, does this mean I have booked the event? If not, how can I?

Unfortunately not, it is just a request, in order to secure your event you would need to sign the KoKyu Contract & pay the 50% deposit. 

Do you have an alternative to the KoKyu Trucks for Catering? Can I pick up an order from a truck?

Yes! Kinda. KoKyu is best when served and eaten directly from the truck, it is designed that way. We can serve takeout orders from the truck, generally we give precedence to our street orders over large takeout orders, so there really is no time guarantee on very large orders from the truck, advance notice helps, but no promises. Although we highly recommend ordering & eating directly from a truck, as the food tastes best right off the grill, we try our best to approve most pick orders. We also do offer off-site caterings at a cost.

Does KoKyu provide trash cans, plates, utensils and napkins?


Is the Deposit refundable?

KoKyu requires a 50% deposit to secure any event. If your event is cancelled: 30 or more days prior to the event date, the full deposit will be refunded

15-29 days prior to event, ½ of the deposit will be refunded

4-14 days prior to event, the full deposit will be retained by KoKyu

3 days or less prior to the event, the full amount of the event will be retained / owed to KoKyu.


Guaranteed Parking. Client must verify that we are allowed to park at the event location site. For street parking, please check with local authorities to make sure we are not inadvertently becoming food truck scofflaws. If, for any reason, KoKyu is unable to park at the event, all monies for the event, in full, will be retained by KoKyu. KoKyu trucks cannot drive up hills with a 15% grade or higher. Let us know if it is a concern and we'll bring out a protractor of sorts and scope out the situation.


CLEARANCE(approx.): length: 30 feet; height: 16 feet; width: 15.5 feet; weight: 15k+)


What form of payments do you accept?

KoKyu accepts cash, credit cards, cashier, personal checks & dogecoin (checks must be received 10 business days prior to the event for clearance, payable to: KoKyu Inc.  $35 charge for any bounced / returned checks.